• bedroom_1-675x350

    it’s cool, it’s hip

    Make any design by topcoating MagnetPaint

  • office_1-675x350

    practical solutions

    Visual displaying projects. sketches, plans....

  • kitchen_3-675x350

    topcoat it with blackboard- or dry erase paint

    use MagPaint directly on your wall to remember

  • Magnetpaint-04-kl-675x350

    ideal for office environments

    Efficiency redefined

  • Bedroom_children_(2)-675x350

    a stylish way of being creative

    Simple and beautiful

Magnet Plaster, a Red Dot Award Winner!


MagnetPlaster won the ‘Red Dot Product Design Award 2016’!!
Read more about our winner…


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4 days ago
MagnetPaint and MagnetPlaster 2016

Just released the new commercial on MagnetPaint and MagnetPlaster.
It was created without voice over, so test your creativity and fill it in by yourself!

1 week ago

Always nice to experience enthousiasm. This time illustrated by a few videos shot by our new Turkish friends.

2 weeks ago
Photos from MagPaint's post

Life can be fun: visiting our new colleagues in Turkey at the MagPaint office...

1 month ago
Working at magPaint - MagneetVerf Nederland - magneetverf.nl

Aan de slag als verftechnoloog in de Achterhoek? Bekijk dan onze vacature:

Vacatures Verftechnoloog 27-09-2016 Magpaint Europe B.V. is een klein innovatief bedrijf (13 medewerkers) en de grootste producent van magneetverf in de wereld. De verf wordt vanuit de Achterhoek ... See more

4 months ago
Timeline Photos

A few weeks ago we did 30 square meters of Plaster on a wall at our Office. The picture contains only a small piece of the wall but it gives you a good view about the strenght of our plaster.(One ... See more

6 months ago

Office closed on 27th of April.
Thanks to the (Dutch) Kings Birthday, everybody has a day off. Including us.
So, speak to you later...

7 months ago
Timeline Photos

MagnetPlaster won the 'Red Dot Product Design Award 2016'!!
(actually we won the price for the MagnetPaint in 2004 already, but were not able to get the price).
But now: let's ... See more